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What are the current ADA guidelines and regulations?

Learn how to make your sign ADA compliant here.

How do I get South Dakota Certificate of Exemption?

View and print out a South Dakota Certificate of Exemption here.

How do I get a sign permit application for the City of Rapid City?

View and print out a City of Rapid City sign permit application here.

What are vector files?

Vectors are images that have been created by outlines and are resolution independent, meaning we can enlarge these images without losing quality. We generally will not have to alter your artwork with these types of files, although we do still preform prepress work (trapping, color separation, etc.). We accept vector files from the following programs:

  • CorelDraw (.cdr)versions 5 through 13 (or “X3”). If you are sending a Corel file, be sure to include font files or convert all text to curves (select text and press CTRL+Q) prior to saving.
  • Adobe Illustrator (.ai)version CS5 and lower. If you are sending an Illustrator file, be sure to include font files or create outlines from all text (select text and press CTRL+SHIFT+O) prior to saving.
  • EPS (.eps) Encapsulated PostScript Files (*.eps) are a great format that most vector based graphics programs will export. Remember to convert all text to paths, curves, outlines before exporting an .eps file. While we prefer to use the original native file format from the above programs, we will accept an EPS file, provided that there are no embedded bitmaps included.

What are raster based graphics?

Raster, or bitmap, graphic files are pixel-based, and are best for sending in photos. Sign Express will accept raster images for sign art, but will have to recreate your design using your file as a guide. We accept the following raster graphics programs:

  • Adobe Photoshop (.psd) version CS5 and lower. Please ensure photos are 300 dpi at 3.5 x 5 inches. If you are sending a sign layout in Photoshop format, be aware that we will only be able to use your file as a guide for when we “re-create” your artwork.
  • TIFF (.tif). We highly recommend sending us all photos or pictures in this format, but please be sure they are at least 300 dpi at 3.5 x 5 inches.
  • JPEG or JPG (.jpg) JPEG. Please do not compress your jpeg and keep it at the highest quality. (Illustrator =10, Photoshop = 12)
Include difference between a bitmap and a vector graphic

How do I choose the correct letter height for my sign?

Refer to our letter visibility chart for guidelines on the minimum letter height needed for maximum impact.

How do I install vinyl lettering or graphics?

Use our easy-to-follow vinyl installation instructions  in order to best display your vinyl lettering and graphics.
Vinyl installation instructions page 1
Vinyl installation instructions page 2

How do I remove vinyl lettering or graphics?

Cleanly and efficiently remove your vinyl lettering and graphics with our vinyl removal instructions.

How do I correctly install a banner?

Ensure your banner is installed for maximum impact and longevity with our banner installation instructions.

How do I care for my magnetic sign?

Prolong the life and beauty of your magnetic sign with our magnetic sign care tips.

What are good color combinations for maximum visibility of my sign?

Take a look at our color contrast and our color vibrancy charts to help you decide what color combinations are right for you.

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